About me

Located in Nashville, TN, InChrees The Heat Hot Sauce (pronounced “increase”) is a small-batch hot sauce company ran by  me, Chris “Chrees” Hinson! My goal with every new sauce is not to think outside of the box but eliminate the box altogether. I have a passion for incorporating flavors typically unassociated with hot sauce and seek to alter public perception on what hot sauce can be. All of my sauces are engineered with the flavor profile in mind before the heat. So while they are hot sauces, they are going to be packed with flavor more than just heat. 

I believe collaboration is at the heart of creativity. Each sauce’s label features a new artist’s take on a jointly developed concept. From the Strawbanero Showdown outlaw pepper duo to the Ban Helsing pepper hunter, these sauces tantalize the imagination as well as the palette. Life is about the stories that people tell—I see hot sauce as no exception!